How can we lend a hand?
Whether you’re an online entrepreneur, a traditional business or a private individual sending money overseas, Citpay makes it easy to send money online.
Business Transfers
Exceptional exchange rates and our easy-to-use online platform help you to manage your day to day business transaction needs. Whether you are making a purchase, paying a supplier, processing payroll, or paying taxes. Make the most of your money with our solutions.
Online (E-Commerce) seller transfers
Obtain your international online marketplace earnings with our local currency accounts in USD, EUR, CAD, AUD, JPY, NZD, CNY, and GBP
Personal Transfers
Sending money back home overseas? Purchasing a dream house abroad? Paying tuition for a family member? We’ll make sure the funds get where you need them to be quickly and securely.
How it works?
Open an account with us Set up your free account
Set up your transfer
Send us your money
We help process your payment

When your account is set up, you tell us the amount to send ($1,000 or more), who you’re sending to and which currency you’d like to pay in.You then have the option of choosing our traditional transfer route option where we’ll quote you a rate.


You can chooser our industry breaking peer to peer option where YOU select a peer from our CITPAY eco system to complete your transaction.Both of which are fast and simple.

When you’ve agreed upon a rate you will receive a transaction confirmation from us, you need to send your money to us by domestic wire transfer or receive funds from your online marketplace sales.


After you’ve selected your matching partner, you will need to input your wallet information, currency amount, and confirmation code to be sent to your match. This code is important as it aids to track your transaction in the Citpay Eco system.

We’ll do the rest – convert your funds and send the money to the account you requested. And that’s it.


After you have sent the funds you will receive an email confirmation. Your match upon receipt of the moneys also receive an email prompting them to send the funds. Upon receipt of your funds you will receive an additional email asking you to confirm receipt of funds. When you acknowledge the receipt of the funds the transaction is complete.

What we offer?
Spot contracts
We’ll charge you a small fee for your transaction and provide you with a quote for the true-mid market rate (*spot rate will be locked in for 24 to 48hrs depending on the currency pairs involved )
Forward Contracts
Secure an exchange rate today, for a fixed amount of currency, for a set period of time. An exceptional tool for planning ahead.
Market updates
Currency markets can move rapidly and unpredictably. Let us be your guide and watch the market for you. We’ll send you relevant information and detailed market analysis direct to your inbox.
Anytime, any place
Conduct your international payments online by email or over the phone. Our team are at the end of the phone night and day.
Fee-Free Transfers
For online sellers there are no fees for transferring funds back to their Citpay domestic accounts.

There is a flat fee of .2% for all personal transfers based on the transfer amount. We do have a $1,000.00 minimum for all transfers and a = $10,000.00 min for some exotic currencies.

For business customers, we agree a fee structure that reflects how much business we do together. Fees range from $0-$50 depending on the transfer type.

For peer to peer off platform matching: We charge a 0.2% fee for peer to peer off platform matching and 0.3% for inter ledge matching. The increase in inter ledger matching is based on the enhanced security and speed provided by the on-platform matching. All matches offered will be based on the interbank rate for bother parties, providing you with the most competitive if not best rate on the market.

*Visit our FAQs for more details on fees and charges.
Need to send money overseas?
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